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New Philadelphia Union Kit Leaked

Each Philadelphia Union season has seen at least one update to the club's kits and 2015 will be no different. The latest leak has come via Twitter and offers a preview of a new kit for the upcoming season.

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The history of Philadelphia Union kits appears to be adding a new look in 2015. Late on January 13th a white kit was leaked that appears to match previous close up leaks of gold trim.

The Union return to a white top with the newest kit after trading in the 2011/12 3rd kit for the black Bethlehem Steel throwback in 2013/14. As seen on EA Sports' FIFA 15, the American flag has been removed from the sleeve and the new MLS crest will be seen on both arms. There have no been any leaks of the shorts or socks to accompany the top, so I am only left to hope for a metallic gold to match the trimming (insert Rocky Horror Picture Show reference for those familiar).

The other detail left up to the imagination at this time is which kit will this white one be? Based on previous kit releases, odd years mean new 3rd kits, however the current signal blue away kits are the oldest currently used kits. Introduced in 2012, they were not redone in 2014 with the new navy pinstripe kit. Will this mean a return to a white 3rd kit, or a third colored away kit? If it is a replacement for the away kit will the black Bethlehem Steel kits be returning for a third year or is there a second new kit for 2015? Personally, I am still hoping for a throwback of the powder blue Philadelphia Atoms kit.

Philadelphia Atoms

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