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Helping out Camden Youth Soccer Club.

Camden Youth Soccer Club needs your help to raise money to stay continue providing a fun soccer experience for the youth of Camden. Find out some of the ways you can help out before the MLS season starts.

Here at the Brotherly Game, we are all about Youth Soccer. Some of us (i.e. Me) are board members at local clubs, and others (Eugene) are trying to start a brand new youth setup. Neither of the clubs we are involved in are pay-to-play travel clubs that force the parents to give their fortunes, all for the pleasure of playing the greatest game in the world. The clubs will both be offering coaching sessions for the cheapest possible price, to cater for those that need the help in Wilmington and Camden.

Therefore, it is up to you, our readers, to help keep these clubs afloat and affluent. While the Wilmington Youth Soccer club that Eugene is going to start has yet to get going fully, Camden has been providing Saturday morning coaching sessions for over 10 years. As always, they will have a 3v3 soccer tournament in the summer to raise funds, so keep an eye out for that. Until then, they are always in the need of cash (and equipment) injections. There are a few ways you can help out.

1) Taking the Pledge.

This has an urgent need. Camden Youth Soccer club is in the running for a $2,500 grant from Liberty Mutual on their promoting good sportsmanship drive. The deadline is on Friday, so to help out you need to take the pledge now. The more people that pledge, the more chance they have of winning a grant. Right now, the club are well behind with an LA Galaxy linked club in first place. You can't let LA win right?

This doesn't cost you any money, all you have to do is fill out your information and pledge to be a good sportsman. Make sure you give a proper email however as you need to validate the email. I suggest using the email you use for spam/signing up for anything online in case you get a lot of email from them. However, this will take about 5 minutes out of your time, and will help a lot of kids enjoy Soccer.

Therefore - go ahead, take the pledge here.

2) Attending the Beef and Beer/Dart tournament fundraiser on Saturday February 28th.

In it's 4th year, the CYSC dart tournament has become a fun night out for all interested in darts. This year we hope to make it even better by having a "challenge board" where anyone wanting to play a little darts, at any level, can challenge whoever you want. Want to beat your husband at darts? Here is your chance. For those more serious, you can enter the tournament, where for $10 you get the chance to go home with some silverware.

As it was last year, it is being hosted at the Victor Pub in the beautiful Camden waterfront. There will be a Beef and Beer, where for $25 (or $20 if you pre-register) you can have as much of the allowed beer and food for a 2 hour period. There will also be some raffles with some cool Union related prizes, as well as a chance to bring home a soccer ball signed by some of the Liverpool team when they were in the area last summer. If you are a local business and want to support the event by donating a raffle prize or sponsor a trophy, drop us a line.

For more information visit the facebook event page and to register for the tournament or beef and beer head to (you don't need to pay until you get there, but you can get the early bird deal of $20 for the beef and beer if you do).

3) Visiting their website support page and finding out other ways to donate money.

If you follow the link above, you will be taken to the CYSC friends and support page. There are plenty of other ways to donate all year long. Like every club, the first thing needed are soccer balls. As a rule, the club only use size 4, so if you have any spare size 4 balls drop by when they are in their season and donate them. There is also always a need for water/paint and other general field equipment. If you want to donate the money for equipment, you can do so at the page. CYSC also offers used cleats to all the players, and can always use some of the smaller sizes so if your children's feet have outgrown their cleats, donate away.

4) Donating your time.

While donating money will always go 100% to the children, perhaps the best way you can help out clubs like Camden Youth Soccer club (or any such urban youth soccer club in your local area) is to donate your time. Without volunteer coaches/ registration takers even water boys and girls - the club will not be able to function. Go out, do something good for a few hours a week, and have a positive impact on those that probably need it the most.

Thanks for your time, and hope to see you at some of the CYSC events in 2015.