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Monday Morning Game Changers: Toronto....again

Every week we "Monday Morning Manage" every game with our fellow Union faithful. What could have been done better? What were the missed opportunities? Did that sub really need to happen? We bring all the talking points to you each week right here.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

This week Barry is on vacation so we are going to have to make due without the usual Scotsman swag. As you can see the responses are similarly subdued.

Eryin Wandel: TFC firing their staff....I didn't see the game til the 80th minute (work). So I can't really say anything. But I do stand behind that statement.

Doop Cast: Chaco AND Noggy both being back on the field. TFC just didn't have an answer in midfield (Bradley can only do so much). Although neither of them had particularly outstanding games due to rust their quality was a step above.

Jared Young Best front 6 all together and playing in their ideal positions. Finally. It was good to see it click so well.

Justin Feinberg Union = good. TFC = bad. TFC backline = horrid.

John Rossi: Two very smart decisions from Williams in the final third. Casey showed again that he's our most important player.

Douglas Gobrecht: Is it weird for me to say Joe Bendik? If it wasn't for him it would've been 4 or 5 to nil.

Murph: It was all about Williams and his ability to get forward. He was instrumental in both goals because Toronto really didn't have anyone to keep him pinned back. It just shows what he can do in more attacking positions. He was my man of the match

Andrew Stoltzfus: They (TFC) truly are a team in free fall. Just two teams moving in completely opposite directions

What was your moment of the match? Have anything to add to the conversation? Let us now in the comments below