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DoopCast Double Dip

Richie and Dan take a look at Houston and San Jose.

Wandel Design
Wandel Design

Several days late and a dooper short (sorry, stats and swearing fans but Pat got called away at the last minute) Richie and Dan try and make sense out of two very, very different games.

Finally there was a chance to run the rule, but not the Mondragon rule because that is not fair to any man, over our bright shiny new toy: M'Bolhi the goalie.  What is it with the Union FO having so many problems with visas?  Maybe they need to get Suze Orzman in to show them how to manage their money.  Speaking of credit (Visa, geddit?) one of the few folks to come out of that non-event of a game against Houston was Pedro Ribiero, despite his being played out of position - he is a center half, right?  Oh, wait... Hack is no longer picking the team so perhaps there is a chance that folk will be played in their natural spots.

All thoughts of pain in the Texas heat were quickly erased however as the U returned to PPL to a summer evening so pretty I wanted to take it behind the Barry Bridge and get it pregnant.  The goals flowed light Bearfights and Andrew Wenger was possessed by the spirit of Leo Messi to provide a dominant performance.  Take a listen to see what the lads have to say.