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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 - Toronto FC 0

Poetry Corner Kicks knows the real story is Zac MacMath

Zac says, I got this.
Zac says, I got this.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

A huge three points at home and the Philadelphia Union are looking for more.  The problem is that teams like New England and Columbus have been winning lately too.  So the Union will just have to keep plugging away and shooting for three points each time or the playoffs will pass them by.  But before all of that, they had to take care of business at PPL against Toronto FC with both Rais M’Bolhi and Carlos Valdes out for international duty.  No problem, says Zac MacMath.

A game between two teams with playoff aspirations high
Each hoping for three points with yet a second game close by
Toronto came to PPL with injuries in packs
But still they tried to win the game, "No problem" says Zac Mac

Bendik too was on his game as saves he made in bunches
Like minutes five and fifteen when he took the Union’s punches
Eventually Oduro would break free for an attack
But Philly’s ‘keep plays sweeper too, "No problem" says Zac Mac

After half the goalies featured yet again this game
Bendik saved Okugo’s header that was put on frame
But just two minutes later Casey scored and laid the smack
The Union’s lead was just one goal, "No problem" says Zac Mac

Toronto tried to even up just after Philly scored
Oduro came in from the flank and passed the ball toward
Gilberto who was open and he gave the ball a crack
His shot was saved and parried away, "No problem" says Zac Mac

The red to Ashtone Morgan was the straw that broke the back
Of any hope Toronto had to pick up any slack
Soon they’ll play again the Union hope to stay on track
Can the U win that one too?  "No problem" says Zac Mac