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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 0 - D.C. United 1

Poetry Corner kicks recaps a rather forgettable game.

The Union wore their sad faces after the game.
The Union wore their sad faces after the game.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It was a rather forgettable game.  As with the early season game between the Philadelphia Union and D.C. United back on May 10, an early United goal proved to be the difference maker.  Philly has quite a hill to climb after this one, and only four games left to do it.  Let’s take a closer look at Saturday’s debacle, shall we?

What a great big hill to climb
The Union had to start with
Their effort ‘gainst United’s guys
The U could not take heart with

A couple chances for the U
From Wenger and from others
In the early minutes were by
D.C. quickly smothered

Then in the minute five-times-two
United got their goal
Silva’s strike was all the hosts
Would need to keep control

Kitchen too would try to score
In minute twenty three
M’Bolhi there to make the save
To stave a scoring spree

Carlos Valdes of the U
Would have his turn as hero
He cleared two shots from off the line
To keep it one to zero

Cruz and Wenger had some goes
But nothing seemed to score
Who knew that scoring was so hard
For them it seemed a chore

A throw-in by the arms of Sheanon
Proved their last foray
Nothing happened here as well
It just was not their day

With only four games left to play
The Union are in trouble
The playoffs are a-coming fast
The U sit on the bubble

Fire, Crew, then KC, Crew
The games left on the slate
We’ll see how Curtin pulls the strings
And what will be there fate