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Edu: A video worth a million words

Just three minutes that speaks volumes about the veteran Union midfielder

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a few million - just ask Pamela and Tommy Lee. The sometimes Philadelphia Union captain and on loan midfielder wore a mic for the home match against the New York Red Bulls and the editors at MLS pulled 3 minutes and 34 seconds of goodness from the match.

The video shows an Edu who is in charge and vocal about it. He's yelling at the back line, telling Raymon Gaddis and Ethan White to work together and communicate more, Fabinho to tuck in and even Andrew Wenger to press high. This is a player who has been there and gets into his pledges in a firm but constructive way. He's always correcting and instructing everyone around him, even fellow veteran Brian Carroll. He tells Carroll to get into the referees ear and "remind him that he owes us one".That speaks volume to the savvy and experience that a guy like Edu brings to the field.

He seems to save a few special jabs for Amobi Okugo and although they seem harmless, they come off to me as more personal and perhaps offer up some insight into why Amobi never made the field for the US Open Cup despite being widely thought of as the Union's best young player. Could Mo be influencing more than the play on the field? We can only speculate.