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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 0 - Houston 0

Alas for missed opportunities...

Can you believe this?
Can you believe this?
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes you walk away from a game and you wonder, "How did we not win that one?"  Such was the case at PPL when the Philadelphia Union tied the Houston Dynamo 0-0.  This wasn’t quite the snoozer that these two teams played earlier in the year, but it ended the same way.  The Union with their plethora of chances just couldn’t put it in the net.  Tyler Deric of the Dynamo made some big-time stops and Rais M’Bolhi of the Union stood around and tried not to fall asleep.  Here’s a poem of lament directed to our favorite team, hoping that running through the game will be a cathartic exercise and will help them to recover sooner and make them ready for their next game.

Alas the U, how sad for you, that you just simply tied
Your shots were shot but shot for naught despite the skill applied
At times a chance did not advance ‘cause Deric made a stop
Your other tries were blocked or high and points were surely dropped
Casey’s boot in moot pursuit sent many shots askance
His final touch had no such clutch, and squandered up his chance
Your many crosses into boxes made for grandest drama
But final tries would hurt the eyes and left us feeling trauma
Wenger’s runs, though fun, were shunned by hustling Houston D
Their sliding tackles put the shackles on all your shooting sprees
Although the stats would tell us that you prob’ly should have won
Our goose was cooked, a tie was booked, beneath the setting sun
Results around the league abound with bad news for the U
Below the line for playoff time from wins by Bulls and Crew
Up next United have invited you to D.C.’s place
You will be pressed to best this test to join the playoff race
But Noggy, ‘Toux, Maidana too are ready for a fight
Your players ready, heady, steady, a win is in their sights