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The new MLS logo is... umm... different?

MLS unveiled their new logo today just before FIFA '15 was released, much to the displeasure of almost everyone.

MLS Soccer

I really picked the wrong line of work. Instead of studying how systems work and how to create databases, I should have been a graphical designer. I feel like if I knew how to use photoshop well and understood symbolism, I could make some pretty slick designs which could serve as corporate logos and artwork (or at least logos for some punk rock bands).

Then I see the new MLS logo this morning and think "See, I could do that. All I need is MS-Paint and a bottle of bad vodka and I too could come up with something completely underwhelming. "

Now I'm sure there's more to it, right? I'm sure there we're focus groups and design meetings and large groups of people who looked at this and thought "Yes. This completely represents Major League Soccer, it's fans, and the direction the league is going." Or perhaps there's a very lucky second-grader out there whose crayon-on-construction paper piece de resistance is now going to represent the home league of almost half a billion people.

Maybe I'm being a bit harsh? Well it seems like the twitterverse agrees with me.And if twitter can solve a hate crime in Philadelphia it can certainly let us know if the logo is good, right?

It's good, but only because you can change it. Honestly, that is one of the few things I like about it. The ability for the logo to be adapted to fit a club's color scheme as opposed to say a corporate sponsor logo.

I think C-town was being polite calling it a kickstand. Most other people pointed out it looked more like a dong (and if you didn't see that before, you'll never unsee it now).

This was the majority of sentiments that didn't involve male genitalia. Now in all fairness, there are some who like it and as I stated originally I'm no expert in this field. But I do know what I like - and this isn't it.

Let us know how you feel about the logo in the comments section below!