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The Furyous Five

Philadelphia Fury Graham King Charters answers five questions about the team. This Is the Furyous Five.


Philadelphia Fury Graham King Charters answers five questions about the team. This Is the Furious Five. 

1) The Fury pretty much dominated the game against the AC Crusaders on Saturday. I know it's only three games but has the team turned the corner?

GCK: The team lost one game and lost that one game with the last kick of the game, there was no corner to turn. Every team loses and you cannot hit the panic button after every defeat. The team didn't need to turn a corner, there was no crisis or panicking, it was simply one defeat. We at the Fury knew we would win games and as I have said all along, it takes time for an entire new team to gel together. We are still finding a solid cohesive level and that will take months. With every win, we improve. With every defeat, we improve. That's the nature of where we are at as an organization. Will we get stronger? Absolutely! Will we lose again? Absolutely! But every time we lose, we still maintain belief and we still work towards our overall objective! 

2) You're also the gm for the Crusaders, are you disappointed in the season? What do you think needs to be improved?

GCK: Of course I want to win every game and I am extremely ambitious, but so is everyone involved with AC. We knew going into this season that we would be battling from day one; we constructed this squad very late and we always look to improve. The Crusaders' organizational culture is different to that of the Fury's and I think everyone needs to understand that. The trouble is we live in a competitive world where everyone expects instant success. The reality is, success doesn't happen like that. Just because the Fury is winning, doesn't mean AC automatically will. Kyle Hall and the coaching team are doing a tremendous job and the players we currently have are trying to improve in every training session and game. I think it's a fantastic showing of their character that despite these difficult times, every player still attends and still shows that they want to be here! We are inundated with requests from players wanting to join us, that for us is a great sign and over time, the Crusaders will grow stronger! 

3) Chase Clement has had clean sheets in goal the last two games. Is he the definitive #1 keeper?

GCK: Well the first thing we must say is that Chase Clement has done a marvellous job, not just in the last two matches, but also in his progress from day one until now. He is a very humble young man and he deserves his chance. Right now, he is taking his chance and that's all you can ask for from a player. Whether or not he is the definitive #1 is a question for the coaching staff. The GK position is a unique position that requires many exceptional attributes - both mentally and physically. Currently Chase is showing high-levels in both of those components, but he knows as well as anyone that he has great competition in Thorne Holder and he has to continue to focus and want to improve.  

4) You play the Evergreen Diplomats this Saturday. You were going to play them two weeks ago but it was postponed due to storms. Will the same game plan be in place?

GCK: You will have to wait and see.....

5) This is the team's first long road trip. how are the preparations going?

GCK: Preparations are going very well. The players are excited and we want to show that we can play well away from home, also. There cannot be too much emphasis placed on the length of travel. These are professional athletes and mentally they are very strong; they proved that with their reaction to the first game defeat. The coaching staff will prepare the team in the right manner and they will not allow for any player to lose focus. We are lucky in the sense that we have two very experienced and highly knowledgeable coaches in Matt Driver and Cris Vaccaro. They will know better than most, how to prepare the team and maintain the concentration levels needed for success.