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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 2 - Red Bulls 2

A game of two halves.

Fortunately for the Union, a soggy start didn't mean a soggy ending.
Fortunately for the Union, a soggy start didn't mean a soggy ending.
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

I admit I was a little worried when I saw the starting lineup for the Philadelphia Union against the New York Red Bulls.  I thought for sure that Curtin was throwing in the towel for this one and focusing solely on the US Open Cup Final on Tuesday.  But this is a different team from the one earlier this season.  Not only were the Union able to fight for a tie, but they did it while giving some of their starters some rest and letting some new blood get some minutes.  How’d they manage to rhyme their way out of this one?

The rainy weather that befell
The players there at PPL
Delayed the game for quite a spell
And left the field a mess

Starting early Wenger tried
To head the ball while still in stride
It had some juice but went just wide
A good start nonetheless

Alas the good start went away
With Ethan’s foul defensive play
Peguy scored on the PK
And home fans got the sweats

Henry would then let loose a shot
From distance, just outside the box
MacMath’s attempt was all for naught
The fans were now depressed

But just a minute after that
Pedro scored before the half
The U were now just one goal back
The deficit was less

When the second half was played
The Union’s play got an upgrade
Their offense went on a crusade
And started to possess

Union chances came in waves
Robles dove to make the saves
They couldn’t get the goal they craved
They couldn’t find success

But late in stoppage came their shot
The referee points to the spot!
Le Toux was money (He’s never not)
New York filled with regrets

Against New York a point was earned
And now it is Seattle’s turn
For Tuesday is the day we learn
The team the Cup has blessed