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The DoopCast does double duty

Home or away? Doesn't matter... The result is the same.

"Can we play you every week?" is the chant sung when handily beating a team, especially one that was much hyped.  Although I would happily take three points every time it was kind of like watching a bar brawl where one guy is hopelessly drunk so it is not a fair fight.  Sure, the drunk guy was asking for it by signing those big name players (Dafoe, Bradley) hiring a foreign coach with an impressive playing record (Nelsen) while the lowly old Philadelphia Union just wanted to have a quiet night down the pub with their girl-next-door organization and solid offensive play.

Curtin continues to impress by translating his no-nonsense playing style to his coaching methods.  By now we know what we are going to get and more importantly so do the players.  So take a listen as Richie, Pat, and birthday boy Stormin' Dan Gorman break down both games and consider the merits of retaining big Jim or bringing in someone new.