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Furious Five: A quick word with Fury GM Graham King-Charters

A new feature starts this week and Rich Ransom gets to ask his Furious Five questions to Fury GM King-Charters.

I decided to start a new feature here for Brotherly Game in reporting the Philadelphia Fury. I figure every week I'll ask Fury General Manager Graham King-Charters five questions about the team and get his answers regarding them. I bring you the first edition of Furious Five .

RR    The match on Saturday against the Evergreen Diplomats was postponed due to bad weather. Any word on when that will be rescheduled? How did the players react to the postponement? 

GC: We are working on the rescheduled date, as soon as we have some concrete information you will be the first to know! The players and staff were naturally disappointed. Everything was done and it literally was at the kick-off when the game became delayed. All players want to do is play and when that doesn't happen, it is frustrating and disappointing for all involved. We must not forget the fans also who showed great patience and understanding. 

RR    What will be the focus in practice this week?

GC) The focus will be on preparing for the next game and to really continue to grow and develop as a unit. We're still extremely early in the project and for the first few weeks the main direction of training is to allow the players the opportunity to learn each other's game and develop a greater coherence from a tactical approach. 

RR   Every week the Fury seems signs new players and make some big announcements.  Any of that going on this week?

GC) We're still building and constructing and that's why we're adding on a regular basis; when you begin a project at the foundation stage, there will naturally be changes in order to strike and develop the needed balance for success. Right now we are not in talks with anyone, but if that changes you'll be the first to know! 

RR    This week’s opponent are the AC Crusaders. We have mentioned before you are the GM for them as well. They played Icon FC over the weekend. What was the result and how has their season been going so far.

GC) Unfortunately the result was 4-0 to Icon, who played terrifically well. The team is still very much in their infancy and there is a lot of movement in terms of players. We are building that squad slowly and one piece at a time, so of course it will take slightly longer for the team to understand each other and engineer success on the field. With that being said, the players who currently play are doing a great job and they are showing fantastic commitment levels. 

RR    It’s the return leg of the Soccer Factory Derby. The first meeting was the 6-5 season opener. Can fans expect the same high score or a defensive matchup.

GC) To be honest, I do not have an idea of what we will see and that's the beauty of the game! I would like to think both defensive units will have learned from the last game but with so much attacking talent on display you never know what to expect. 

Bonus Question: What’s your prediction.

GC) I'll answer this question every other week, but not this week. I have close ties to both clubs so for me, I don't feel I am in a position to make a prediction.