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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 2 - Toronto 0

Poetry Corner Kicks would like to thank Toronto for being not awesome for these past two games.

This Toronto player tried to sneek into the Union's celebrations to see what it felt like.
This Toronto player tried to sneek into the Union's celebrations to see what it felt like.
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

This was a huge result.  Getting six points in four days from Toronto FC pushed the Union into playoff positioning and gave them even more confidence heading into their final eight games (including the USOC final).  But you know all of that.  You also know that Jim Curtin, as the interim coach, has taken this team and changed them into a group that no one wants to play right now.  But what we also know is that even the smallest let-up in their form will knock them straight back out of the playoffs and left on the outside looking in.  We also know that the team they play in the USOC final, Seattle, is playing some of the best soccer in MLS.  So the pedal must stay to the proverbial metal for the Philadelphia Union to fulfill their just-blossoming potential.  Let’s see how this game rhymed out...

Toronto was the site
Where these two teams would fight
The Reds would try to show their fans that they still had some bite

Alas their bite fell through
Against the team in blue
Their defense lazy, offense hazy, so their fans would boo

In just the minute eight
The Union would deflate
The hopes of any home-teams fans and sealed Toronto’s fate

For Casey found the net,
His head a vicious threat
A start Toronto players knew they likely would regret

Before the half the U
Gave ‘Ronto déjà vu
Wenger’s header found the netter, the lead was up to two

In order to succeed,
That’s all the U would need
And dread would sit in BMO Field, a loss was guaranteed

MacMath’s and Bendik’s saves
Would keep the score that way
But that was grand for Union fans who rode the winning wave

With Union points expanding
They rose up in the standings
If they can pull by tough Red Bulls, their lead will be commanding