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Opposite View: Three Questions with Mount Royal Soccer

We talk with Sofiane Benzaza from Mount Royal Soccer, SB Nation's Montreal Impact blog, and talk about what Union fans can expect from what is most likely the last meeting between the two clubs this year.

"Pout more, kid!"
"Pout more, kid!"
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

tBG) It's been a bit more than three months since our clubs last met. How have Montreal changed since April 26?

MRS) The club has changed to the worst as it lost its last 6 MLS games. With little hope to be part of remotely distant playoff race, Joey Saputo decided to part ways with his friend and Sporting Director Nick De Santis. De Santis is still with the club but will not take part in any soccer decisions.

I will believe it when I see it.

On the pitch, Klopas' team has been unlucky in some games but is mostly overpowered physically and mentally by its adversaries. With little to show on the pitch, the mood around the team has been pretty bad and fans are pretty much fed up.

Everyone is focusing on the CONCACAF Champions League but most importantly the 2015 MLS season.

tBG) How is Jack McInerney working out for the Montreal Impact?

MRS) McInerney has been good for Montreal but with the team slumping, his effectiveness on the pitch is close to null. His potential and talent has been greatly appreciated by fans and there is a positive vibe around the fact that he might (yes might) be the top striker for the Impact for 2015.

tBG) Montreal has a midweek CONCACAF Champions League match against Salvadoran side CD FAS in Montreal. How will this effect how Montreal plays Philadelphia on Saturday?

MRS) Some tired legs might be the worst thing that will happen to Montreal. Playing at home is a bonus and CD FAS played pretty well as it lost 1-0 to the Impact, but the bleu-blanc-noir players did not seem extremely tired.

There might be some rotation but Klopas has brought in enough players and instilled enough competition to afford squad rotation while he evaluates the squad and decides who will he keep for 2015 (and not keep).

Predicted lineup: Troy Perkins - Karl Ouimette, Heath Pearce, Matteo Ferrari, Krzysztof Krol - Gorka Larrea, Patrice Bernier, Andres Romero, Justin Mapp, Dilly Duka - Jack McInerney

Predicted score: 2-2 tie