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The DoopCast analyzes the SKC game and player acquisitions.

A well deserved point from the champs and the chaps champing at the bit to see our acquisitions in action.

Well, what to make of Jim Curtin?  Have we seen a big enough body of work to make a true assessment of his efficacy as head coach, or is he just riding the wave that a coaching change inevitably brings?  Either way it is working as of right now.  Richie, Pat, and Dan take a close look at the Sporting Kansas City game and pore over the acquisition of Rais M'Bolhi and the return of the prodigal son, Carlos Valdes.

There is also a welcome return of another prodigal, in the form of Keano.  He returns in mid-season form with back-to-back rants talking shots at cup competitions and fans alike - nobody is safe when that lad has a bee in his bonnet.

There is the usual look at the wacky goings on in the strange world of online Union fandom, and a 'revealing' question to consider concerning the laws of the game.  Fortunately for all concerned, Dan does no singing this week.