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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 - SKC 1

Poetry Corner Kicks returns to a nice road point from the Union.

Brian Brown announces his arrival.
Brian Brown announces his arrival.
Gary Rohman-USA TODAY Sports

Poetry Corner Kicks is back after a week of vacation.  I know you were all in tears that you didn’t have a poetry recap of that game against the Fire.  Though in truth, there wasn’t much in that game that one could call poetic anyway.

In what was to be Zac MacMath’s last game as starter, he would put on a pretty decent performance.  There were a couple of times the Philadelphia Union got lucky that Sporting Kansas City didn’t score, but you could say the same about SKC as well.  A road point against Sporting is a good result.  We will see if the Union can keep it up next at home against an inferior (on paper) Impact team.  So how’d it play out?  Glad you asked!

The Union played a Sporting Kansas City team at home
Appearing set to let the champs have space to play and roam
Possession was in favor of the hosts, and rather highly
But Philly’s short time on the ball was used up rather wisely

In minute twelve a header from the forward known as Dom
Was headed clear by Carroll to restore defensive calm
Later on Nogueira had a free kick for the ages
But Gruenebaum would make a save that showed he earned his wages

As the half was reaching toward the end we saw a show
Put on by each side’s goalies as they made saves with their toes
First Macmath would kick a save while left in one-on-one
Then Gruenebaum would stuff a shot from Sheanon at the gun

In minute fifty-four which was just shortly after half,
Sporting had a chance resulting from a Union gaffe
Gaddis "cleared" the ball straight to a Sporting KC player
Then Zusi scored a goal to prove a Philly Union slayer

Just a minute later Zusi tried to build the lead
But when you shoot wide of the net your chance will not succeed
Then Brian Brown, a really recent get and recent sub
Scored a goal and thanked the coach who brought him to the club

The dying minutes of the game saw chances for the U
Especially in stoppage time, but couldn’t put it through
They might have won but in the end a road point isn’t bad
They’re in the hunt for playoffs, but they’ll need more points to add