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Philadelphia Union announce "player announcement" following report of Carlos Valdes's imminent return

The return of the Colombian World Cup defender would mark a welcome change for the Union defense.

Bob Levey

Following the unnecessary signing and shambolic introduction of Algerian goalkeeper Rais M'Bolhi, the Philadelphia Union may be about to take a step in the right direction of "addressing positions of actual need." The Union are weak in central defense, Carlos Valdes is a Union central defender who has spent the last couple years on loan in South America, and after months of fighting, contradictory reports, and changes of mind, the saga may be soon ending. And for Union fans, the ending it appears could not be a more happy one.

Put two and two together, and the obvious conclusion is the Philadelphia Union will be announcing the return of Carlos Valdes at tomorrow's press conference.

This is obviously huge news for a Union side that has conceded 36 goals this season, the fourth most in MLS. With the defensive goals and errors largely due to the inconsistent rotating stable of central defense many times featuring players outside their natural position, having a stabilizing presence like Carlos Valdes fresh off a World Cup appearance would do wonders for the Union in an area of desperate need.

As with all things in this crazy Valdes saga, it is not done until the official announcement. But official word of a "player announcement" on top of a report from a reliable pundit with a history of accurately reporting major news items? It may not be time to pop the champagne yet, but it is time to dust off the bottle opener.