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Sheanon Williams' daughter does some off-color commentating

Hilarious (and NSFW) video of Sheanon's number one fan watching her dad play

Gary Rohman-USA TODAY Sports

We love Sheanon Williams. While he's been having a bit of an off year this year, he's still been a formidable threat on defense, has banged in two goals, had an assist, and can still throw the ball from the touch line in on goal.

As if that wasn't enough reason to love the guy, there's this hysterical video from Sheanon's wife Hannah's Instagram account of their adorable daughter Rhys watching him play last night in the Philadelphia Union 's 1-1 draw with Sporting Kansas City. And while she may be tiny, she seems to have big opinions about what is happening on the pitch:

As anyone with kids can attest, your kids will just say these things from time to time and while you're not supposed to laugh at it, often times it's impossible not to laugh at it. Here's hoping little Rhys didn't get in too much trouble for letting the F-bomb slip out.