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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 0 - Dynamo 2

Poetry Corner Kicks ain't even mad, bro.

One of Blake's many saves.
One of Blake's many saves.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Ray, I’m not even mad at you man.  The look on Gaddis’ face after his own goal in the 90th minutes said it all – the Philadelphia Union were gassed.  Many of the players, including Gaddis, were playing in their third game in seven days and it showed.  There were some bright moments, most of them coming from our third string keeper Andre Blake, but all in all this was a forgettable game against the Houston Dynamo.  Things have been going well for the Union lately, but with only 10 games left, they are going to need to pick up some points big-time if they want to get back above the red line and stay there.

Down in Houston
In the Heat
The Orange-men
Would not be beat
The U just played
A ton of games
In just a week
And came up lame
Starting Blake
Would make some saves
But Houston players
Came in waves
Blake would pull a
Zac MacMath and
Kick the ball
In Le Toux’s path
But no goals
In store at all
For it was saved
By Tally Hall
After half
Will Bruin scored
The Union defense
Had been gored
Tired legs
And tired minds
Left no hope
Now they’re behind
Bruin stopped
A bunch more times
By Blake who had
Some time to shine
But near the end
At almost time,
Cumming’s cross
Hit Gaddis’ thigh
It went in for
A cheap own-goal
The Union in a
Two-goal hole
The whistle blew
To end the test
Union players
Now could rest
Just a few games
Left to play
A play-off spot
One point away