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The DoopCast's cup runneth over with wins against Montreal and Dallas

The Lads break down the good and bad, but mostly the great after a fantastic week in Unionville.

There was no BA Barachus, Hannibal or Murdoch but Jack Mac pulled a few faces as the 'eh' team rolled in from Canada and played an eh kind of game, leaving Jim Curtin as the only man deserving an A on his report card with the U picking up yet another three points... and despite people anointing their heads with ice water and not oil as the psalm says, our open cup runneth over.

A triumphant return for Carlos Valdes and Jack Mac getting sent packing back was just the beginning of a great week for the boys in blue. With a thrilling penalty shootout victory to propel the Union in to their first ever final The Lads of The DoopCast are giddier than the girls at the One Direction concert at the Linc this past week. There is analysis of the emergent Curtin style and a look at how the Union were able to surprise the Dallas forwards with their own forward thinking.

Take a listen as Richie, Pat, and Dan break it down in their own inimitable style.