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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 2 - Impact 1

Poetry Corner Kicks likes what he saw in the defensive lineup.

Le Toux celebrates his Le Brace.
Le Toux celebrates his Le Brace.
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

I feel like that win was harder than it needed to be.  The Philadelphia Union seem to find ways to make life difficult for themselves.  They were up two goals, but conceding possession like they did was bound to give the Montreal Impact something.  On the other hand, the Union ended up winning this game, a result that earlier in the season may have been dropped to a late-game tie.   In the end, the Union picked up three points and are now on the positive side of the red line, which is something I wasn’t sure we would see this season.

The Union made the most of their paltry 31 percent possession to the tune of two goals.  Let’s see how it all happened...

The Impact came to PPL
A win was on their minds
But Philly playing as the host
To them were quite unkind

While giving up possession to
The team from Montreal
They didn’t let them score so much,
Just let them have the ball

In minute twelve the Impact thought
They’d give the U a gift
And so they let Le Toux on goal
To give a little lift

Krol provided the assist
Le Toux would surely take
But Krol plays for the Impact
And he paid for his mistake

Mapp would try to hit his former
Team right up the gut
He shot from distance, Zac was there
And soon the chance was shut

Another goal in sixty-three
Was struck by Philly’s ace
When Wenger found Le Toux again
Who had his evening’s brace

In minute sixty-five Le Toux would
Try to make it three
His shot went high and hat-trick hopes
Were sadly not to be

But then in minute seventy
Plus nine the Union watched
The Impact score a goal with Tissot
Unmarked in the box

With just ten minutes left to play
The U still gave possession
The home fans desperate for the U
To give no more concessions

Stoppage time was signaled as
A time of just three minutes
But three would change to almost eight
Before the U could win it

A big three points were gained at home
The U now on the track
To make the playoffs in a year
That many thought was sacked

Another plus that we would see:
A lineup card that says:
Valdes Valdes Valdes Valdes
Valdes Valdes Valdes