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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 - FC Dallas 2

Poetry Corner Kicks didn't enjoy this one.

A moment of hope for the Union, courtesy of Amobi Okugo.
A moment of hope for the Union, courtesy of Amobi Okugo.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I didn’t enjoy this game between the Philadelphia Union and FC Dallas.  Don’t get me wrong, I was happy that Amobi Okugo was able to get back on the board and score a goal after a long drought, but honestly, this wasn’t very fun to watch.  It had all the charm and beauty of a dead duck.  The defensive pressure that the Union put on the Revolution last week was gone; the ref seemed to forget how to ref; and of course, the dreaded own goal.  It is always a shame to lose by an own goal, but especially when neither team deserved a win.

Let’s see how this all went down (and I mean down!)...

The Union were the team to beat
For Dallas could not find its feet
The U were coming off a win
With Dallas’ strong start wearing thin
Jim Curtin now at Union helm
And so far was not overwhelmed
Then came the game at Dallas’ field
Where Philly’d ultimately yield
The game was ugly from the start
With neither team performing art
But then in minute twenty-six
A goal was struck from Tesho’s kicks
His volleyed goal from chipped-in pass
Didn’t even touch the grass
But just before the half-time call
The Union made the game one-all
Okugo hit Maidana’s cross
And scored from in the six-yard box
Momentum now with Union guys
But soon they’d kiss the tie goodbye
‘Binho tried to clear a threat
But instantly filled with regret
For when his pass hit Williams’ knee
It scored to give the Hoops the lead
With Perez playing to the ref
The Union pleas fell on the deaf
So Edu then was shown a red
To leave the Union truly dead
This game was not a joy to see
If you’d have seen it you’d agree
The U back to their losing ways
Now let us hope they learn to play