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The DoopCast looks at Chicago & Crystal Palace

Back on a regular schedule, The Lads pore over the Fire and Palace games.

Two games for the price of one, but just like those supermarket promotions the second game has to be of lesser value.  First up was the great escape act as Monsieur Reliable grabbed a point from a dodgy penalty call - hey, dubious pennas were all the rage at the World Cup so they are good enough for The Union too.

After a look at three things we learned from the Crystal Palace friendly the lads also joined in the speculation regarding the announcement - sadly the episode was recorded on Tuesday so look for coverage of the new signing in the next episode.

The second half sees a return for testing your knowledge of the laws of the game featuring, quite naturally, a penalty kick situation.  Dan returns with 'Off The Post' to look at what is amusing and entertaining him online, so it's an episode of comebacks.

Sorry if you listened to the original file - the errors have now been fixed.