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Poetry Corner Kicks: A sonnet for the USA!

Poetry Corner Kicks cheers the USMNT for their valiant run!

The hero shot...
The hero shot...
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I am all wrung out.  This World Cup has had some of the best finishes I’ve ever seen.  Unfortunately, this one didn’t go in the U.S.’s favor.  There is not much more that I could say that hasn’t already been said by lay-fan and pundit alike.  The United States made it out of arguably the most difficult group of the Cup, and then played a tough Belgium team down to the wire.

I decided a sonnet would be the most appropriate poetic form, given the country’s temporary, but intense and passionate, love affair with soccer.  I also thought I’d recap the run, not just this game.  Enjoy the rest of the United States-less Cup!

The U.S. had a daunting task indeed:
To make it through a fabled Group of Death
They played against some teams with size and speed
And made it through while we just held our breath
They said the U.S. did not have a prayer
But heroes that till now were most unknown,
And Captain Clint who showed both grit and flair
Would show the world just how much we had grown
The round of sixteen proved to be our close
But we would not go out without a fight
For Howard’s SIXTEEN saves and Greenies’ toes
Had kept the U.S. in till end of night
Brazil is over now it’s sinking in
But now the whole world knows that we can win