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Mid-season friendly (aka who is that guy?) - and why you should care.

Mid-season friendlies are always a good way to see the guys who don't get on the pitch and what they bring to the table.

Brian "Steve" Holt
Brian "Steve" Holt
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

It's time for the Union's annual mid-season friendly against a mildly interesting European team. This year's role of "cash-grabbing, out-of-form European carpetbaggers" goes to Crystal Palace, who as someone who admittedly doesn't follow the Premier League all that closely, is a team I neither know anything about nor am interested in learning about. So why do I care? One reason - Union bench players.

This is the annual try-out for the guys who trained well enough to escape being sent to Harrisburg but haven't been able to crack the starting eleven. Since the mothballing of the reserves league, this (and the early US Open Cup rounds) are the only real live action these guys may see all year.

So who won't we see on Friday? We most won't see Richie Marquez, Jimmy McLaughlin, Cristhian Hernandez, or Antoine Hoppenot - those guys are all playing for Harrisburg, who has a match Wednesday at home against Oklahoma City and then another match on Saturday at Richmond. Barring something unforseen, they can probably be ruled out .

We most likely will see some of these guys, who have seen very limited minutes thus far in the season - Austin Berry, Corben Bone, Brian Brown, Fred, Leo Fernandes, Zach Pfeffer, and yes probably Brian Carroll too. We will also most definitely see Andre Blake, and if we're really lucky we may get a Brian Holt sighting too.

So who are you most interested in seeing? Take the poll and then tell us why you picked who you did in the comments below.