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The DoopCast Lost Episode - Vancouver / Hack is Sacked

2014 Season - Episode 12 covers Union 3 - 3 Whitecaps and the departure of John Hackworth.

Cast your mind way back...
Cast your mind way back...

We thought that the original recording was lost forever to a corrupt file but after a lot of work it has arisen like a phoenix from the flames.  You will have to take a trip in a TARDIS and go back in time to the land that time forgot, also known as 'before the World Cup', and consider the Vancouver game from June 7th and the 'breaking news' that Hackworth had been fired.  In fact, why don't you take a quick look at the highlights from the Vancouver match to refresh your memory.

Remember all that fun?  Good.  Now take a listen to what The Lads had to say about that and their initial thoughts about who might be a good replacement for Hack.

There will be a couple of 'catchup' episodes coming soon so keep checking back for updates.  If you have any questions or comments for The lads post them in the comments below.