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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 3 - Red Bulls 1

Poetry Corner Kicks can finally celebrate a home win!

Lots of reasons to DOOP at this game.
Lots of reasons to DOOP at this game.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Well how do you like them apples?  The Big Apple came to Philadelphia and left without a point to show for their travels.  It looks like the Philadelphia Union still feel bad when they are up by two goals, so they try to make the other team feel better by letting them back in the game.  This time however, they somehow ~cough, cough, MacMath, cough~ managed to keep the New York Red Bulls at bay to earn three points at home.  With another game coming up on Saturday against the Fire, it’s a quick turnaround and a huge three points.  All of a sudden, the Union are one spot out of playoff contention.  After the start to the season that they had, I think that’s just about all we could ask for!

The Red Bulls came to town and they were looking for a fight
Their guns were loaded with Henry and Phillips Bradley Wright
The Union needed something to erase the previous game
Giving up some more late goals was getting kinda lame
So Curtin’s men were up for scoring goals, conceding few
Let’s see if they could do it ‘gainst the Bulls of Red York New
Casey got things started when he gave a soccer lesson
To young Miazga of New York, who could not gain possession
A quick side-step would clear the way for Conor Casey’s goal
He put the ball into the net to give the U control
Sam would try to even up the match by scoring too
But Zac was in the way this time- his game tonight was huge
After half the Union picked right up where they had left
Fred would score a goal to make the New York fans depressed
But soon enough the Red Bulls showed that they could get it done
Henry and Wright-Phillips brought New York to within one
But in the minute sixty plus five more and then plus three
A foul on Edu in the box was called by referee
The penalty was taken by our Union friend Le Toux
He’s automatic from the spot, the lead was back to two
But then in minute seventy New York would give a scare
But Zac and Union defense stepped up big to clear the air
MacMath would keep New York away and Union fans could smile
At last a win at PPL to celebrate in style!