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San Lorenzo Fans React Angrily To Carlos Valdes Missing Second Practice

As confused as Union fans are about the Carlos Valdes situation, San Lorenzo fans are angry.


Philadelphia Union fans were eagerly following the Carlos Valdés saga today, and San Lorenzo fans were doing the same - however with a far angrier tone. A few samples (NSFW language).

(Where the f**k is Carlos Valdés ? San Lorenzo needs you here, return with gratitude to San Lorenzo who gave you a chance at the World Cup)

(Carlos get back to training with San Lorenzo YOU F**KING WHORE! We play in nine days you little asshole.. )

(Carlos if 23 doesn't show you may be playing with Andres Escobar.)

And these were the ones that didn't devolve into racism. Now (as we should all be acutely aware of) you can't judge an entire fan base off of a few tweets, let's hope this helps push the needle back toward MLS - especially since El Pais is reporting that he was in Colombia for a celebration of the World Cup team held by América de Cali. It is of note that Valdés did play for Cali from 2006-2009.