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Match Preview - Philadelphia Union vs. New York Red Bulls

The boys in blue take on their rivals just up the road. What can we expect to see from them?

Mike Stobe

<p>Okay, hands up, who thought that when we circled this game on the schedule both our beloved Union and hated Red Bulls would be looking up to DC United at the top of the table?  No… me either, and yet here we are.  Is it parity or is the Eastern Conference just a little crap?  Either way the game against the Prince of Wankers and his all-star whiners is even bigger than usual as the Union tries to slug their way out of the mid-table morass of mediocrity that we find ourselves well and truly in.  </p>



<p>With just six points between third and eighth, the playoff spots are up for grabs and a spluttering-but-kinda-resurgent Union will be looking to take some of the momentum from a simultaneously spectacular and unsatisfactory performance (that kind of incongruity is just so Union!) against one of the grown-up teams in the league last weekend.  Not only did the U carelessly lose two points for about the millionth time in club history, but they also lost the services of Michael Lahoud and, more importantly, Amobi Okugu to suspension following their red cards.Even those bright, shiny, new soccer fans who we have all seen in the last month appearing out of a cocoon, being helped and prodded by avuncular Uncles Bob Ley and Mike Tirico, will know that the danger in playing the Jersey Boys is with the big guns of Henry and Cahill.  </p>

<p>Unfortunately both seem to be coming in to good form, with Titi scoring and providing three assists in a 4-1 victory over Columbus.  Cuddly Cahill is also rolling back the years, and must be on a confidence high after scoring one of the best goals of the World Cup.  And that's just the big, big names - you and I know there is more Steele in midfield and a weakened Union lineup might struggle to contain the streaking Bulls.So, what hope is there?  With this current Union side there is always hope because you never know what you are going to get.  Hell, even Andrew Wenger scored the other night so that proves that miracles are possible.  Maybe the best hope for the boys in blue is to hang on for dear life and score a late goal to take a lead in the ninetieth minute, because we all know that they are about as good at holding on to a lead as a man with no arms taking ten Rottweilers for a walk.  </p>

<p>While I fear the Union could be facing a good old fashioned 'Braziling' (that's what getting routed is called nowadays, isn't it?) with this team you never know.  That one thing that is for sure is that it will be a cracking night at PPL, because they always are.  Now everybody get your vocal chords warmed up for a few choruses of "I believe."  No, not that version.  "I believe you have no cups, I believe you have no cups, I believe you have no cups," etcetera and so on. </p>


<p> What is your prediction for the game? Let us know in the comments below. </p>