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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 3 - Rapids 3

Poetry Corner Kicks is getting tired of these late goals.

One of the few moments in the game where the Union were not getting a red card.
One of the few moments in the game where the Union were not getting a red card.
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Look, I’m glad the Union are scoring goals these days.  I think their new acquisition, Brian Brown, can help them score even more.  But this whole "giving up late goals" thing has got to stop.  Some teams get this disease every once in a while.  Sometimes it can take a while to get over it.  But the Union have been suffering from it consistently since the middle of last season.  Add in some inconsistent red carding (Okugo red carded AFTER the game?!?) and you get what we had on Saturday when the Philadelphia Union played the Colorado Rapids.  What do the rhymes tell us about the game?

The game was played at PPL
And fans were there to cheer and yell
But Colorado hoped to quell
The passion of the crowd

MacMath was tested early on
But made the save when called upon
Tied it stayed but not for long
For goals would be allowed

Casey scored, the lead to gain
The skill from Conor’s volley plain
But Serna scored to tie again
The Rapids were unbowed

But Philly’s offense has been soaring
Soon enough they’re back to scoring
Sheanon! Wenger!  Goals were pouring!
Union fans were proud

But soon the Union found disgrace
When ‘Houd’s leg was hit by a face
A red card was brought out in haste
To cast the game in cloud

So Powers then would score his goal
The home fans’ psyche took a toll
Down a man and self-control
The Union soon were cowed

Deshorn would hit the final dagger
Union hopes were hit and staggered
Late goals made them lose their swagger
The crowd no longer loud

The Rapids tied the game at three
It sure felt like a loss to me
But three points ‘gainst New York would be
The cure for this home crowd