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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 3 - Revolution 1

Poetry Corner Kicks peeks behind the Curtin to see how the Union did it.

The glory hogs from Saturday's game.
The glory hogs from Saturday's game.
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

That was a great way to come out of the World Cup break!  After a bit of a sloppy first half of the first half, which can be expected after a long time off, things started to pick up and get interesting.  With the Philadelphia Union offense clicking once again, the only teams in MLS to have scored more goals at this point in the season are the Sounders, Timbers, and FC Dallas.  Let’s see how the Union managed to take down a team sitting near the top of the standings going into this game…

It’s great to see a win against
New England’s "stronger" team
They took it on the chin when Philly
Gathered up some steam

With players coming back from an
Extended World Cup break
You didn’t know what to expect
As rust they tried to shake

The Curtin era rising on
The team in powder blue
And things were looking up, a new
Beginning for the U

At first the game was cagey, as
Some shots were tried and missed
No player got a goal or just
A teensy small assist

MacMath would save some shots to keep
The game an even score
Le Toux would hit the post before
He pounded down the door

For in the forty-second Jose’s
Poorly headed ball
Found Sebastien’s foot to start
The Union’s scoring squall

The Revolution thought that halftime
Might bring some relief
But Philly picked right up to give
New England some more grief

Cruz sent in a rocket shot from
Quite a ways away
The goal put Philly up by two
To home fans' sheer dismay

But just four minutes later saw
The Revs get on the board
Saer Sene poked in a cross
To tighten up the score

But Revolution hopes were dashed
In just a few short minutes
Seba scored again and this time
Curtin knew they’d win it

Curtin’s debut was a win
I’m glad to see three points
Will Curtin stay or will Nick Sak
Find others to appoint?