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The DoopCast Takes on the Chivas Game

Our very own Richie and Dan give their take on the Chivas USA-Philadelphia Union match.

Richie and Dan consider the Chivas game. How can a three-nil victory, away from home no less, end up feeling so... blah? Only this Philadelphia Union could make you feel that way. Perhaps just like owners eventually end up looking like their dogs, the Union are slowly starting to morph into Mr. Vanilla himself. Sure, Hack's a great guy, level-headed, smart, not too pushy or showy, but that's more like the kind of guy you want to rent an apartment from - not the kind of desperate, win-at-all-costs kind of unique individual you want representing your heart and soul on the pitch.

Ho-hum... You see? Even after a three-nil win I still feel a little bummed out. What can cure that? A confident, free-flowing performance against a red hot team. Here's hoping, because if the fans start to boo and complain too loudly they might just get put on the naughty step by the nanny.

One thing is for sure, this is a very interesting time to be a Philadelphia Union fan.