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Opposite View: Three Questions With Eighty Six Forever

This week we've reached out to Mark Dailey of Eighty Six Forever, SBN's Vancouver Whitecaps blog, for a look at what to expect from the 'Caps.

Site of the Whitecaps vs. White Caps match
Site of the Whitecaps vs. White Caps match
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

tBG) The Vancouver Whitecaps are currently 4th in the Western Conference and are an impressive 5-5-2. What can we expect to see from your team?

86F) We’ve seen the Whitecaps grow and improve under the guidance of new head coach Carl Robinson. Vancouver has had an atrocious road record since joining MLS, and it still is an area of concern for many fans. In past years we would see the Whitecaps play very different when they were away from home, but this season we’re starting to see this turn around. Since the end of last season we’ve seen the Whitecaps win some big games on the road versus our Cascadia rivals, Seattle and Portland, and battle back to steal a point at Real Salt Lake. Being able to win big games or steal points when perhaps they didn’t deserve them have given them confidence and Vancouver are now a real threat wherever they play and cannot be taken lightly.

tBG) Reports are coming in about Camilo possibly returning from Querétaro. How do you think this will play out, and how well will this sit with the fans in Vancouver?

86F) The Camilo rumor mill has been in overdrive ever since the Mexican authorities stepped in to take over at Querétaro FC a few months ago. Here at Eighty Six Forever we’ve debated this situation in depth and it seems that opinion is divided on the subject. There is an extremely vocal segment of the fan base that does not want him back here in Lotusland, but there are also many fans that would welcome him back and would put everything in the past. I’ve finally come to the place that I’d be happy to see him back in Vancouver, but if it doesn’t play out that way then I’m fine with that as well.

Initially Camilo could get a rough welcome from some of the fans, but I think most people would be supportive. Camilo has said in the past how much he respects Carl Robinson and the good relationship that the two of them had when he played here in Vancouver. Robinson personally went to Mexico during the off-season to try and solve the situation, but to no avail. I think the club and the coaching staff would be professional enough to overlook the past as long as Camilo is 100% committed to staying with the Whitecaps and honoring the terms of his contract.

tBG) Who is a player on the Whitecaps that the Union fans should pay attention to that maybe flies under the radar a bit?

86F) The Union will definitely have to watch out for Matías Laba, who partners with Gershon Koffie in midfield. Laba, who the Whitecaps picked up from Toronto FC in the off-season, goes about his job as a defensive midfielder quietly, but he is a very, very good player. Laba and Koffie have been a revelation in recent weeks and the Whitecaps backline must be grateful to be playing behind these two.

tBG) Bonus question) We loved Jordan Harvey when he was here in Philadelphia. Do you guys Harvey All The Time?

86F) Yes! We do love to Harvey all the Time! Jordan had a bit of a tough time last year after the Whitecaps traded his predecessor, Alain Rochat to DC United. Rochat was a very popular player with the fans and the trade went down like a lead balloon. As a result Jordan was under a microscope for the rest of the season and often came under criticism for (mostly) his defensive positioning. At times this criticism was warranted, but he did score several important goals in 2013 as well. Jordan has improved his game this season and is winning over his skeptics. He is a consistent and valuable member to the Whitecaps defense. He has been very reliable and is still scoring goals (2 so far)! Harvey’s goal in the thrilling 4-3 victory over the Timbers down in Portland proved to be the difference in defeating our Cascadia foes. Jordan Harvey Goal Machine has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Predicted Lineup: David Ousted (GK) – Jordan Harvey – Andy O'Brien Johnny Leverón Nigel Reo-CokerMatías Laba – Gershon Koffie – Russell TeibertPedro MoralesSebastián Fernández - Erik Hurtado

Prediction: Philadelphia Union 1 – 2 Whitecaps FC