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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Philadelphia Union; Match Day 15

Win number 3 for the season! Time to start celebrating, right?! Well, truth be told it wasn't the most satisfying 3-0 win to date, but 3 points is 3 points. Here's this weeks Good, Bad, and Ugly award winners from the end of the Union's vacation in LA.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Good: 3 points!

Yes, that is right, the Union once again come home with 3 points from a road game. The win pushes the Union to a blistering 6 points from a possible 12 run of form. All joking aside though, it is good to get another 3 points without having to wait 9 games. It is also the first time the Union have beaten one of the other stragglers in the league, teams they will need to start taking full advantage of if they are to start moving up the Eastern Conference table.

The game also was a great showing for Conor Casey who returned to the starting lineup and added a brace, the first of the season for a starved Union attack. Maidana also added his second of the season, along with a beauty of an assist that set up one of the Union's goal of the year candidates to this point. Zac MacMath also earned a clean sheet, his first in a month and a half, and one that was deserved after being the lone standout for most of the season and just being let down by his defense time and time again. It was a good way to end the week long trip to LA.

The Bad: The underwhelming glory of victory

A 3-0 win should have felt like a true moment to remember in this season. It should have been a point where we're talking about the season turning around. However, watching the game left a lot to be desired. It was the type of match you would expect from watching two teams that have been assured of their relegation. While the Union were definitely the better side, it wasn't very inspiring.

Removing the beautiful cross and diving header of the second goal, the Union were the benefactors of two terrible decisions by MLS refereeing (surprising, right?). The first goal came from a PK called for a handball that would probably gone uncalled 99 out of 100 times. The defender turns as a shot is taken directly at him with his arm against his body. If his arm was not where it was struck the ball would have hit his side and the shot would have been blocked. I don't claim to be capable of refereeing in MLS, but even I know that shouldn't be called.

The third goal was about as obvious an offsides that could be called. There is a lot of debate about when a player is "involved in play" and when they are in a "passive" offsides position, but when a goal keeper is blocked by the attacker and couldn't have reached the shot because of the attacker, this is not an easy no call to defend. Dan Kennedy could have made more of an effort and increased the contact to make it an even more obvious call, but still...come on PRO.

The Ugly: The State of Chivas TBA

I'm going to give the Union a pass this week and talk about truly the ugliest thing in MLS in 2014. No, it is not the ever changing hair of Dominic Oduro. Chivas TBA is a train wreck of a franchise and thankfully MLS stepped in and there seems to be a better future awaiting them in the form of new management. However, as the saying goes, it is always darkest before the dawn.

And boy is it currently dark in Chivasland.

The attendance at home Chivas games could be counted on the hands of the players on the field. To be completely honest though, those still showing up to support the awful product on the field deserve to be elected into the sports fan hall of fame for their sacrifices. The product on the field is poor. They are the ugly step child of the StubHub Center. The most exciting part to the 2014 season for these fans will be any news of what is to happen to the team in 2015. In truth, anything could be better than what is currently in place.