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Join SB Nation's Brazil Bracket Challenge And Prove You Are Smarter Than Your Favorite Bloggers!

Prove you are smarter than SB Nation and The Brotherly Game bloggers!

Gualter Fatia

Interested in matching World Cup wits with your favorite SB Nation and The Brotherly Game bloggers? Excellent news! SB Nation has set up a group with MLS's Brazil Bracket Challenge presented by Capri Sun and you are invited to play along with us.

It is simple to set up. All you have to do is register an account with MLS Soccer if you have not already done so. It is simple and takes less than a minute. Then once you have an account set up, click join. Once you have joined, you may then begin assembling your World Cup bracket. You will then be tasked with picking winners and runners-up in each group. And then from there you can fill out the bracket of your projected knockout round until you have only one team remaining, the 2014 World Cup winner.

It is just like March Madness, except with soccer and the single biggest global sporting competition instead of college hoops. Best of luck!