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Poetry Corner Kicks: U.S.A. 0 - Germany 1

Poetry Corner Kicks takes a moment to cheer for a loss.

Gonzalez played an unexpectedly big role against Germany.
Gonzalez played an unexpectedly big role against Germany.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

They said it couldn’t be done.  They said a group with soccer powerhouses Germany, Portugal, and long-time nemesis Ghana would be too much.  Many predicted the U.S.A. would leave the group without any points.  I admit that I was one of the people with a knot in my stomach after the draw, but here we are, advancing from one of the toughest groups in the Cup.  It wasn’t pretty, and it would have been nice to have sewn it up early against Portugal, but who cares!  The U.S. made it through!

The game was played out in the rain, the field looked like a lake
The weather, fresh from humid heat, would not give us a break
Germany had more days rest and fewer players bruised
But does that matter?  Not a bit!  The U.S. made it through!

Possession was a struggle for the U.S. boys in white
Die Mannschaft played near perfectly to show their German might
Shots were sent on Howard who had so, so much to do
But did we break?  No, we did not!  The U.S. made it through!

Perhaps that’s just a bit untrue, for yes, the US broke
Muller hit a ball so fast you almost saw the smoke!
The U.S. down by one and then the Ghanaians scored one too
But in the end I just don’t care.  The U.S. made it through!

For ninety minutes plus some more the U.S. held their line
The Germans couldn’t score some more and that suits me just fine
Our goals were down, our spirit not, it cannot be subdued
For though we lost and folks were hurt, the U.S. made it through!

Near the end the U.S. tried to even up the game
Dempsey and Bedoya tried to get some shots on frame
One was blocked, the other’s aim was just slightly askew
But even though we lost by one, the U.S. made it through

As a quick aside, I’d be remiss if I don’t mention
Ronaldo’s goal for Portugal helped ease the U.S. tensions
Tied on points with Portugal, the tiebreaker ensued
That is how, despite the loss, The U.S. made it through!