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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 3 - Chivas USA 0

Poetry Corner Kicks rhymes this momentary reprieve for Coach Hackworth.

For once it wasn't the Union that looked like this.
For once it wasn't the Union that looked like this.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll take a win.  Even against Chivas.  Sometimes you just need three points to keep the season from feeling like swallowing sand and pretending to enjoy it.  Upon reflection, of the three wins that the Philadelphia Union have this season, only one has come against a poor team and that was Saturday’s win against Chivas USA.  The other two, against Sporting Kansas City and the New England Revolution, look somewhat impressive in retrospect, fluky or not.  Let’s examine this Hackworth-sacking-saver in rhyme...

The Union didn’t travel
They stayed out on the coast
The burns from LA’s Galaxy
Had made them feel like toast
But all was soon to heal
For a soothing balm was nigh
A soccer game ‘gainst Chivas
Would lift their spirits high
The Union poured it on
From the time the whistle blew
They really aren’t a super team
But Chivas is bad too
In minute twenty-seven
Was a handball in the box
A dubious call at its best
That went against Chivas
Casey took the penalty
His kick was quick and true
The score was one to nothing:
Advantage for the U
Kennedy was busy
Punching crosses, making saves
But after half, the Union scored
It just was not his day
Maidana hit a cross
And it found the perfect mark
Casey’s header found the net
And silenced the whole park
Shortly after Casey
Was another Union goal
The visitors now up by three
The home team in a hole
Though controversy does exist
For both goals one and three
The Union were the better team
And that was clear to see