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Selecting the Ideal Union Starting XI

The staff of Brotherly Game offers up their ideal starting XI for the rest of the season. Hopefully when the curtain comes up on the second half of the season, these ideas are in place.

Did anyone select Danny Cruz in their starting XI?
Did anyone select Danny Cruz in their starting XI?
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The curtain has been lowered on Hackworth's act as Union manager and it's time to write a new drama. The World Cup break and the start of a new regime gives the staff at Brotherly Game the opportunity taking a crack at writing the first scene. Below is a collection of the ideal starting XIs for the rest of the season. We allowed ourselves one new acquisition which most used on the midsummer night's dream striker promised by the front office. So without further ado about nothing...

Andrew's XI (4-2-3-1)


Editor's Note: Andrew put Edu at center back before the Harrisburg match, where Edu played center back.

Eugene's XI (4-1-3-2)


Eugene: If I were Nick Sakiewicz, I would do anything I possibly could to get Valdes back in Chester and then work on a DP center forward, preferably a guy in the mold of Jackson Martinez or Abel Hernandez.

Doug's XI (4-4-2 Diamond)


Doug: They'll go out and get a striker who isn't a one trick pony to compliment Casey's hold up play. I'll do anything to not play Cruz so Pfeffer gets the start until they call up Jimmy Mac or Riberio.

JC's XI (4-4-2 Diamond)


JC: I'm done with playing out of position players. During the game, Maidana and Nogueira can go wide for a change of pace. Did I mention I would release Cruz and Hopp?

Jared's XI (4-4-2 Flat Four)


Jared: I'm moving on to Blake because MacMath is average and plateauing and potentially an expansion draft casualty next year anyway. No matter how you do this the Union are missing (at least) two players. A bona fide striker and a wide or central attacking mid (depending on where you put Maidana). But I pick Wenger there over the other options.

Barry's XI (4-5-1)


Barry: That's without any other player brought in, and would be the team i'd play at home and away to poor teams. Bring in Carroll for Le Toux for other games.

Matt's XI (4-4-2)


John's XI (4-4-2 Diamond)


John:This formation would be modeled after RSL's diamond. The Union have created the third most chances in the league this year, but are only 11th in goals per game. With a new DP striker, that number should improve.

Here are a few observations on these recommendations to end this season's comedy of errors:

  • There is no consensus on the right formation, but no one selected the preferred 4-3-3.
  • Two of us want the MacMath era to end and the Blake era to begin.
  • Sheanon Williams was unanimously selected at right back with 7 of the 8 placing Gaddis on the left.
  • If Valdes comes back, the opportunity would present itself to move Okugo to the midfield.
  • Andrew called the Edu move to center back which would also allow Okugo to move to the midfield as well.
  • No one has Brian Carroll or Danny Cruz starting.
  • Austin Berry is starting at center back on every XI
  • Thoughts are mixed on whether or not Maidana should be placed centrally (4) versus out on a wing (4).
  • Six of us used the new player option as a striker
  • Outside of Edu/Okugo, Nogueira and Maidana being universally selected in the midfield, there is no consensus midfielder to join them. Wenger (3), Pfeffer (1), Fernandes (1) and Le Toux (3) all received votes.
There you have it. Add your ideal starting XI to the comments section below!