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Poetry Corner Kicks: USA 2 - Ghana 1

Vielen Dank, Herr Brooks!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I was too excited to type for a while.  My breathing is finally returning to normal and my hands have stopped shaking, so here it goes.  There was a lot to like and not like about the USA’s win over Ghana yesterday.  The biggest thing to like of course, was that it was a USA win over Ghana yesterday!  The not so good things include injuries to key players, possession issues, Michael Bradley playing like me out there, and Ghana employing ninjas to cover Clint Dempsey.

At any rate, below is my recap of some of the major plot points...

Before the game had really had a change to settle in
Dempsey scored a pretty goal that helped to bring the win
The pass to him was just behind but Dempsey played it fine
His back leg had a perfect touch that brought the ball in line
He worked his way into the box around a Ghana player
And shot a left-foot shot that found the net with zip and flair
The US tried to make that goal stand up for the whole game
But their possession soccer was the U.S. players’ shame
Later in Brazilian heat with air so hot and clammy
Jozy in the twenty-first pulled up from a bad hammy
The weather was a factor that was slowing down the States
Another blow came in the form of shin to Dempsey’s face
At half our guys were up by one but much was still to play
So Jurgen’s men would rest their feet then go to join the fray
When it started looking like the early goal would stand
The Ghanans scored a goal to tie that overjoyed their fans
It looked as though a tie was done, we’d settle for a point
But Brooks would rise to head one in that fully rocked the joint
U.S. fans from everywhere- from New York to L.A.
That felt the tension rising could now stand and proudly say:
Though battered, bruised, out-shot and hot, though bloodied by some shins
We still came out with three points, we believe that we will win!