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Top Ten: Things a Union fan can do during the World Cup

Itching to get back to PPL? Here is our Top Ten list of things a Union fan can do during the World Cup.

Kevin C. Cox

Welcome to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Union fans. This has been a big year for the club and a big year for the Nats as well. The Union landed a few foreign players, but the fans got the most excited for USMNT alumni, Mo Edu, Klinsman went full on dual national, but left the globe trotting Donovan behind. John Hackworth got sacked after a run of poor results and Klinsman tells the media not to expect much from this World Cup run. So good times all around for everyone really.

Today, the USMNT face a Ghanaian squad that is the boogiest of opponents, in an environment that favors them. So what is a Union fan to do during all of the hoopla? Here are a few of our suggestions:

10. Go to Home Depot to use your Fathers Day gift card

Yesterday was Fathers Day and if your wife is anything like mine, she thinks your kids want you to finish up all those winter projects you have been putting off so that you could watch the end of the EPL season. and the UEFA Champions League Final. This way she can try to get you to start on all those new summer projects as soon as the group stages end, because...." at least AMERICAN football only lasts a few months a the house gets to fall down every four years because different countries throw a party???....". Soccer Dads, thank the heavens for DVR's.

9. Follow the other MLS players

Zusi and Jerry Bengston.....anyone? Ya me neither.

8. Try to score a stage front ticket to see Jay-Z and co. on the Ben Franklin Parkway

It probably would have been cheaper and easier to go to Rio for the final.

7. Take advantage of one of Philadelphia's wonderful public pools.

It's just like swimming in the Amazon, except replace parasites and piranha's with chlorine burns broken glass. Pigeon, big parrot....same thing.

6. Go to the Jersey Shore

You don't have to go to Brazil to see soccer fans in tiny bathing suits with alluring accents, tons of them grace the beaches of New Jersey every year, their wives spend most of their time shopping tho, allez Quebec.

5. Root for Valdes and Mondragon

The Union technically have one player in the World Cup, Carlos Valdes. If that leaves a bad taste in your mouth, there is always The Union's beloved former captain and still holder of the all time best player chant , Senior Faryd Mondragon to send your best wishes to. If any Philadelphian has a second World Cup team, Colombia has to be it.

4. Bask in the glory that is Roberto Martinez

If there ever was a pundit you would want to drop by your house for a cocktail and a chat, it's Roberto Martinez. Enthusiastic, intelligent and even a bit cheeky at times, Martinez is clearly in it for the love of the game. He runs circles around every other pundit he's paired with and does it all in a way that makes you feel like your NOT just watching something to fill the gap between matches. He can make 5 mins with Ballack feel like 3 mins too short, well played Roberto, well played.

3. Dream about that Golf crashing

Lalas, Ballack, small car, freeway......the possibilities are endless.


25 bucks for a t-shirt and a paper card to an organization loosely affiliated with the notoriously well run USSF? Sign me up! Seriously, this is the best time to get involved in a local grassroots movement like the OUTLAWS. If nothing else, you find out where the best watch parties will be and we can almost guarantee you'll make a few new soccer loving chums in the process.

1. Count down the days until the Union return to PPL

The second half of the season is approaching quickly. The Zolos have the same squad but a new coach and an entirely new outlook. plus there is a US Open Cup match to get excited for, what's not to be optimistic about?

Did we miss something? Let us know how you are filling the Union sized hole in your life below in the comments section.