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Op-Ed: The World Cup Is Here, And Everyone Wants Your Money

The World Cup comes around every four years, and everyone wants a cut of the action. Before you head out to watch the matches though, think about these places and their relationship with the beautiful game.

American Outlaws at Stoney's Pub for the 2013 Gold Cup Final
American Outlaws at Stoney's Pub for the 2013 Gold Cup Final
Shannon McAnally

It's that time again. The World Cup is on, and every bar in town is trying to get you to patronize their establishment - and ultimately give them your money to watch the world's game played on the biggest stage. From drink specials at the local pizza joint to the Piazza charging $5 admission and up to $60 for a food and drink package, everyone is looking to profiteer off of this.

But before you just hand over your money to these modern-day carpetbaggers, think for a second. Think back to last year, when these bars were showing the Phillies on 10 tv's but didn't have a single one for you to watch the Union or US friendly on. These are places that have also had less than stellar reputations when hosting large events before. Are these the places you want to give your money to?

In just about every area there's a soccer bar. Here in Northern Delaware (where I live) there's Stoney's Pub. Stoney is a transplant from Leeds and has turned his little pub on Rt. 202 into a soccer mecca - not just for the next four weeks, but ever since I first walked into the place back in 2009. From the Leeds United flag hanging at the front entrance to the various Union, Sons of Ben, and Bearfight Brigade scarves on the walls, the place has soccer emanating from every pore. Every day.  EPL breakfasts on Saturdays. Every Philadelphia Union away game. People come from as far away as Trenton to visit on match days.

There are places like this all over, too. Fado in Philadelphia, where the American Outlaws Philadelphia chapter calls home. The Iron Abbey in Horsham. The Crossbar in Havertown. Telus360 in Lancaster. Trenton Social in Trenton. These are the places that know soccer. They respect the fans, and more importantly, they respect the game. And personally, I'd much rather patronize these places and give them my money, because I know full well when I come back and ask for the Union to be put on, they're not going to tell me they can't because they have to have all 10 tv's showing the Phillies losing again.

So where's your local soccer pub? Tell us where you go to watch the beautiful game below in the comments section.