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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 3 - Whitecaps 3

Poetry Corner Kicks ignores the bad and stays positive.

Maidana hugs the French Connection.
Maidana hugs the French Connection.
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

A tie with the Vancouver Whitecaps ain’t bad.  Unfortunately, the Philadelphia Union are still only gaining 0.94 points per game, which at this point in the season, is only better than Montreal and Chivas.  On the plus side, Conor Casey.  In fact, let’s stay positive with this recap shall we?  The Union had a furious eight-minute run in the second half, which was almost enough to win the thing.  I’m feeling cheerful, so let’s do limericks, eh?

Before the World Cup caused a break
The U had one more game to take
The Whitecaps would travel
To Philly to battle
A Union team prone to mistakes

But let us not dwell on the gaffes
Like allowing three goals to the ‘Caps
For there were eight minutes
We thought we could win it
That started in the second half

The U found themselves down by two
But there was still fight in the U
For in sixty-three
Conor came free
His head scored a goal right on cue

The scoring would shift to the French
One starter and one from the bench
Nogueira would cross
To Le Toux in the box
Who scored with his fists down and clenched

Then adding just three minutes more
The Union would increase their score
Casey’s shot fled
From his foot not his head
The score: two to one-less-than-four

Alas the ‘Caps found one more goal
Though the stats show the U had control
They were beat on the counter,
So tough to surmount-er
Their possession and shots don’t console

We wait now for World Cup to play
Will Hackworth leave Philly or stay
The goals have been humming
But points just aren’t coming
We’ll see what the break brings our way