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DoopCast - The Union at Seattle

The DoopCast Breaks Down the Breakdown in Seattle


It was pain in the rain again, as after taking a surprise lead the Union back four were once again all at sea as Wheeler continues his torturous metamorphosis from one Norse god, Thor, into another in the form of Loki. Now according to Wikipedia Loki "sometimes assists the gods and sometimes causes problems for them" - sounds about right, mind you the same source also claims that John Hackworth is a professional soccer coach.... and that one I am not too sure of.


- Was it a penalty?  The lads can't agree on this one so you decide.


- Just what was the formation?


- Did a different role for Chaco (as a trecuartista) make a difference to his performance?


- And just what is a trecuartista?



All of these questions and more are discussed in the web's liveliest podcast all about The Philadelphia Union.  Let Richie the Limey, Pat the Professor, and Stormin' Gorman take you through it one more time.