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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 - Sounders 2

Poetry Corner Kicks is writing a familiar refrain.

The leading scorer for the Union.  The one in green I mean.
The leading scorer for the Union. The one in green I mean.
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

No shame in losing to the hottest team in MLS (Seattle Sounders) in their home stadium.  The Sounders seem to be humiliating most of their opponents in these conditions, and we can at least say that the final score line wasn’t humiliating.  But this game seemed to combine all that the Philadelphia Union have epitomized over the last few weeks: late goals conceded, no scoring from the run of play, Zac MacMath being a PK monster, and of course, losing.  It isn't easy trying to come up with different poems every week when the Union play the same ol' story every time.

Tell me if you’ve heard this one
The Union once again outgunned
Offense stalled, defense undone
More points here were dropped

A shock went through the Sounders crowd
As in the thirteenth they allowed
An own goal which made Philly proud
The Sounders now were topped

In minute thirty, adding ten
A PK was awarded, then
Zac would show his might again
The PK shot was blocked

The Union led for quite a bit
But the Sounders wouldn’t quit
‘Till they made the U submit
And our defense unlocked

Martins' goal would tie the game
The Union’s defense bore the blame
The Sounders just had better aim
And Philly simply flopped

Zac would keep it close with saves
As Pappa’s shots came through in waves
He stopped all that the Sounders gave
Until Chad Marshall knocked

Chad Marshall’s goal in eighty-four
Caused a huge home crowd uproar
A late goal was allowed once more
The Union team was rocked

Again the Union team would lose
Who’s to blame? Who to accuse?
The wheels fell off, out popped the screws
The losing hasn’t stopped