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The Latest Episode of the DoopCast

The Doopcast discusses the New England and LA Galaxy games

It was Star Wars night against new England and I think it

was Yoda who said… "4-2-3-1 without a real striker is the

path to the dark side. Fear of conceding goals leads to

Hacktics. Hacktics leads to two wins. Two wins leads

to suffering." With the Union’s shooting about as accurate as

a storm trooper and our defending not nearly as tough as

Landau Calrisian’s hair spray it was another night more

miserable than the one Luke spent inside that dead Tauntaun.

Still, there was another far away Galaxy to look forward to. Oh

dear… Clearly Sheannon just wanted to show Klinsy what he

thought of Landycake’s snub by providing a great assist, and as

the Union kept up their streak-breaking ways Hack was quoted

as saying that he was in the locker room after that game feeling

happy. Huh? What a nerf herder !

Is there anything to be gained?  See what Richie the Limey, Pat the Professor, and Stormin Gorman had to say.