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DOOP CAST: Mounting Troubles in Mount Royal

The Lads breakdown the Montreal game and start to ask some questions about the immediate future of John Hackworth.

Geddy Lee said it right in 'Circumstances' - the more that things change, the more they stay the same.  Our old demons came back to haunt us and not our old striker, as a terrible turnover and a horrendous error from MacMath (again?  come on!) gave Montreal the one goal they needed.  Some of the points under discussion are as follows:

- With the U again looking about as likely to score as a eunuch in a nunnery is it time to give Blake a start?

- What effect, if any, did the changes in midfield make to the shape and tactics?

- Just what was that press conference all about?  Is Maidana Hack's new favorite whipping boy?

- Did Danny Cruz really get the vote for MVP of the game?  Really?

Listen to the latest episode of The DoopCast as Richie the Limey, Pat the Professor, and Stormin' Gorman try and make sense of it all.