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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 3 - Revolution 5

Poetry Corner Kicks had a ridiculous dream this weekend.

Luckily, this was all a dream and never actually happened.
Luckily, this was all a dream and never actually happened.
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

I had the worst dream this weekend.  I dreamed that the New England Revolution came into PPL Park and completely dismantled the Philadelphia Union.  I know it couldn’t have been true because the Union had just had such an encouraging win last week against Kansas City, right?  So surely this wasn’t real.  Surely this was all a bad dream.  Let me tell you about it...

I had a dream the other night
The game therein was quite a sight
The Revolution showed their might
While Philly played like "Union Lite"

The Revs had just roughed up the Sounders
Scoring tons in that encounter
The Union next would feel the pounder
Left to wallow and to flounder

This dream would start off ugly for
A goal was scored by A.J. Soares
Fagundez then would add one more
Before Nogueira’s rocket scored

Down by one I knew the U
Would fight back and that they’d pull through
After all they just blew through
The Kansas team in powder blue

This is where the dream got weird
For after Vinny’s goal appeared
The Revs kicked in another gear
And Union hopes just disappeared

Nguyen would score in forty-nine
Then was Tierney’s turn in line
When Mullins scored, the U resigned
And played the rest of match supine

But there was one who did not quit
William’s game displayed some grit
He scored a goal, the defense split
At least the fans could "DOOP" a bit

Soon this dream to nightmare turned
For Chaco had a red card earned
Bad news there for all concerned
The Union team was looking burned

One last goal for consolation
Seba’s PK brought ovations
But it could not stop deflation
Of Union playoff aspirations