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Newest Episode of DoopCast: DC United and Sporting Kansas City Games

From the ridiculous to the sublimely ridiculous.

Well what a pair of games. It is difficult to remember a more depressing or moribund game than the one played out in front of a conspicuously high number of empty seats against DC United.  The players seemed unmotivated and lacking in pep and vigor.  The coach had the look of a haunted man as he slunk back to the dressing room facing a chorus of boos and chants from the River End pleading for the FO to give poor old Hack the sack.

Surely the only outcome that a team playing in monumentally poor form could expect on the road against the defending champions and league leaders is a thorough and complete dismantling, right?  How wrong this beautiful game all too often makes us look.  Sure, SKC had a 'mare but the old football cliche of only being able to play what's in front of you held true.  The U did enough to win and for now the pressure is off.

Listen in as Richie the Limey, Pat The Professor, and Stormin' Dan Gorman try and make sense out of the madness.