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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 2 - Sporting Kansas City 1

After a long hunt, the Union were finally able to bring down the ever elusive "win".

Hustle personified.
Hustle personified.
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

What...  what was that?  I live in New York City, so I asked some friends who follow the Red Bulls what it was that the Philadelphia Union just experienced.  He tells me it was a "win".  Interesting theory.  I haven’t seen one in so long I couldn’t remember what one looked like.  But it looks good.

With Maurice Edu out, Amobi Okugo starting in his stead and as captain, Sheanon Williams in at CB, and even going down a man in stoppage time, the Union pulled out the most surprising result of the season.  Let’s see how it all went down...

The Union fin’lly won, I’m at a loss for what to say
It’s been so long I’d quite forgot a win could feel this way
In Kansas City, ‘gainst the Champs a fight came from the U
Without a goal for five straight games they somehow put in two
Nogueira showed his skill with steals and shots and making plays
MacMath, Okugo, even Cruz had moments earning praise
Minute thirty-three would show a huge save from MacMath
Zizzo had a shot on goal so Zac got in its path
The second half is where the action and the goals were found
Maidana’s shot was saved but Cruz would score from the rebound
Wenger did what Wenger does and found some space with ease
Then shot it straight at Kronberg who would save it from his knees
In minute eighty, you can guess, the Union would concede
The Union giving up late goals is all but guaranteed
Dwyer shot a rocket that he one-timed from the box
Sporting now were tied with less than 10 left on the clock
But all’s not lost at Sporting Park for Chaco found some space
He scored a goal from Wenger’s pass, the Union had a brace!
Soon the Union players were outnumbered by a man
Corben Bone was shown a red which wasn’t in his plan
Luckily the Union held for three points on the road
Next the Union play the Revs back in their home abode